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Northminster offers a variety of biblical studies. On this page you will learn about our main Adult Bible Studies. If you are looking for Men's Studies or Women's Studies please click here.

[Adult Studies]



Fellowship and Bible study opportunities are provided through these women’s Circle groups:


Lydia Circle: 
Lydia’s Circle meets once a month for Bible Study, fellowship and refreshment.
Our Lydia’s Circle uses our cherished Horizons Bible Study of the Presbyterian Church USA.
Second Thursday at 10:00 AM in the Library.


Rebecca Circle:
Rebecca’s Circle joins together monthly for Bible Study.
Rebecca’s uses the acclaimed Horizon Bible Study of the Presbyterian Church USA. Bring your lunch and join us; we provide dessert and coffee.
Second Tuesday at 11:00 AM


A little more about us...

 "From time to time in the Northminster newsletters or the Sunday bulletins you will see news of the Lydia Circle or the Rebecca Circle. You may wonder who these people are. First, let me tell you who they are NOT! They are NOT part of a secret sorority. You do not have to be invited to join.

Your daddy does not have to be wealthy. You do not need a user ID, or a password, or a PIN number or your social security number. They just need YOU.
Now let me tell you who they ARE! Not many years ago most women were
stay-at-home moms, soccer moms, you know.

They had their missionary societies and could be deacons, because that was “women’s work”. While Bible study was always included, there was one thing they could not do. They could not PRAY. The minister had to be called in to lead them in prayer!  By the Presbyterian rules women could not serve as either elders or as members of a major committee.

In order to fulfill their longing to play a more active role in the overall mission of the church, women world-wide formed the UPW (United Presbyterian Women) for study, mission giving and church-wide concerns. Many women joined the UPW as soon as they became affiliated with the church. In order to work more efficiently the members were divided into smaller groups or “circles”. At one time Northminster had 6 circles which met monthly. In addition there was a “gathering”, a monthly meeting of the combined circles.

As the women were permitted, more involvement in church-wide activities and other opportunities evolved. Many also joined the work force. It became difficult to find enough officers to meet the national criteria. Finally at Northminster a decision was made to withdraw officially from UPW but to maintain 2 circles: Lydia and Rebecca. Their mission? Bible study of course, plus an opportunity for all women to form a common bond, to share their experiences and concerns and to strengthen their resolve to help others and to reinforce their faith.

A new motto has surfaced. “Get Your Bible Off Its Printed Page and Get It Into Your Hearts”. It is anticipated that the two circles will unite for the Sept. meeting. At that time the 2010-2011 study of Revelations will be introduced. Attendance is growing. Watch for further announcements and plan to join."
~Ruth Gunn










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